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Technician Development


Martin Howes, Sustainable Labs Coordinator, leads the Green Labs initiative, which aims to improve the environmental performance of the University’s labs and research facilities:

“The Green Labs initiative is run by the University’s Environment & Energy team, and targets the high environmental impact of research at the University. Many technicians across the University are already working to improve resource efficiency and reduce utility use, and we are keen to celebrate and learn from one another to ensure benefits to the environment, as well as to workspaces, safety and research quality.

Technicians are already involved in shaping and informing the Green Labs initiative, they have been instrumental to the success of University of Cambridge programmes such as Green Impact, and many are members of the Environment & Energy Coordinators network. We are therefore keen to continue to support technicians in developing their environmental awareness and skills, considering environmental sustainability within their roles, and learning from their expertise.

That is why we support the University’s signing of the Technician Commitment.”