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Technician Development

adam brown

Current role: Technical Operations Manager, Dept. Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

First role at the University: Engineering Apprentice in the Department of Physics

After three years at the University:

  • completed apprenticeship with Cambridge Regional College
  • promoted to a grade 3 role within the Mechanical Workshop at Physics
  • worked more independently, problem solving and designing.

After four years at the University:

  • promoted to a grade 4 role within the Mechanical Workshop reflecting his increased responsibility and design work
  • completed an HNC with Bedford College.

After five years at the University:

  • promoted to a grade 5 role within the Mechanical Workshop
  • working independently on preparation, encapsulation and polishing of samples
  • consulting on, designing and building machine parts
  • completed an HND with Bedford College.

After seven years at the University:

  • offered a grade 5 Research Technician role
  • responsible for the X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS) system
  • running research and analysis reports for students, academics and external partners.

After nine years at the University:

  • successfully applied for current role of Maxwell Centre Senior Technical Officer, a grade 7 position
  • responsible for 4 technicians and approximately 25 laboratories at the Maxwell Centre
  • trains all new users on scientific equipment, ensures health and safety legislation is met and deals with laboratory finances.

Adam thoroughly enjoys his role, is motivated by the fact that every day is different, and finds the enthusiasm of the students working in the laboratories infectious.  His role is constantly evolving and he now has managerial oversight for a number of building projects.

Personal and professional development:

Throughout his career, Adam has had the support of his line managers who have always encouraged him to drive his own development.  They have given him the opportunity to attend training relevant to his role and given him the freedom to try new things and take on extra responsibility to stretch and challenge him.