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Technician Development


The Technician Commitment is run by technicians for technicians. Although the University has increased activities and scope of projects as part of our answer to the Technician Commitment, we need input, engagement and volunteers across the University to improve our plans and make real change.

Our first event will be held in West 1 at the West Hub on Thursday 7th March 2024 from 12:30-14:00. The meeting link for hybrid option is here

Please e-mail John ( in advance so we know numbers to expect.

Are you interested in the following and able to help us drive these changes? 

We need:

  • Local Contacts to help us deliver timely updates on training and schemes happening and to feedback on what you need locally. 
  • Volunteers for Outreach and other projects. These activities happen through the University but we are only just beginning to show technical roles and skill sin their own right. Help us inspire the next generation and encourage pride in technical roles.
  • Representation.  As we go forwards we will need technical staff to input their thought in to larger change programmes across the University. Do you feel the University doesn't always listen to technical staff? We need to make sure we are involved with changes that affect us.

Why volunteer?

  • Many technical staff feel they are not listened to or that they work in silos disconnected from the University. Help us break down these barriers and have your voice heard!
  • Learn new skills beyond your current role.
  • Experience for your CV


What we will do: 

  • The Technician Commitment Coordinator will be on hand to engage with local contacts and discuss any of the issues they may have and to help input on any local meetings or networks you may want to develop! We will also be able to make introductions across the University and continue to make changes together.
  • We will provide meeting throughout the year.
  • We will help wherever we can and develop new projects together.

Contact John, the Technician Commitment Coordinator for more information: