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Technician Development


Offering work experience placements to school students is a fantastic way of highlighting the wide variety of technician roles available at the University, and to enthuse students about a technical career within higher education.    

Other benefits of offering work experience placements include:

  • Enhancing the image of the University and engaging with the local community.  
  • Raising the profile of the University as an employer of choice.
  • Developing links with local schools and colleges and building a talent pipeline for future recruitment.
  • Supporting personal and professional development by helping staff build their training and mentoring skills.

Temporary Employment Service

The Temporary Employment Service (TES) at the University offers work experience advice for departments.

The Employability Partnership

The Employability Partnership works with employers in the Eastern region to manage work experience programmes for schools and colleges in and around Cambridge.

Their mission is to raise aspirations and motivation for young people, enhancing their personal development through the provision of high quality work related learning activities, developed in partnership with local organisations. 

Form the Future

Form the Future is a Cambridge based organisation whose goal is to open school students’ eyes to a wide range of possibilities and challenge them to think broadly and divergently about their future career options.

They enable students to find their own work experience placements, giving them the opportunity to pursue a role suited to their interests and passions, whilst learning the skills of searching and applying for jobs. They prepare students for their placements and provide health and safety checks.

They have also established Step Up: an online platform to bring together schools and businesses.  Its aim is to help young people prepare for their future careers and businesses develop their future workforce.