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Technician Development

Jack Miles

Current role: Lead Technician Building Services, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge

First role: Apprentice placement at Cambridge Research Institute (CRUK) whilst completing a Level 2 Performing Engineering Operations apprenticeship at Cambridge Regional College

After two years: Secured a role as an electrical apprentice at Cambridge Research Institute (CRUK). Completed a Level 3 apprenticeship in Engineering Maintenance (Electrical) and Electrical Technology 

After five years:

  • Offered a permanent grade 3 role at Cambridge Research Institute (CRUK) as a Maintenance Electrician
  • Each year took on extra responsibilities to progress career e.g. training other staff; liaising with contractors; managing day-to-day maintenance tasks of the team
  • Role reviewed annually and grade increased incrementally.

After eight years:

  • Cambridge Research Institute (CRUK) becomes part of the University of Cambridge
  • Studies for an HND in Building Services with Leicester College.

After eleven years:

  • Successfully applied for current role as grade 6 Lead Technician
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the Li Ka Shing Centre building, keeping the building services and plant in a serviceable state
  • Understands the workings of all critical, specialist and non-specialist mechanical and electrical systems within the department, and responds to any situations that may arise
  • Line manages four technicians
  • Works with service contractors who support the effective operation of the critical plant
  • Liaises with building users and runs building tours to support understanding of the maintenance of the building
  • Currently coordinating the upgrade of the Building Management System (BMS).

Jack finds his role very rewarding, knowing that the work of his team supports the vital research of the building users.

Career development:

Jack feels that he has been lucky to have been supported throughout his career by his training providers, supervisors and line managers, who have always been keen for him to progress and encouraged him to complete relevant courses and qualifications.   

He recognises the value of apprenticeships and is keen to employ more apprentices in the future.