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Technician Development


As part of the recent BBSRC Flexible Talent Mobility Account scheme, we were able to secure some funding for specific training to technical staff who are working in areas under the BBSRC remit. If your qualify, please see the details below and book a place!


 Monday 19th June, 9:30 - 13:00. Greenwich House

 If you’re feeling stuck in your current role and don’t have a clear idea how to move on in your career, this workshop is for you. It will be highly interactive, with discussions enabling you to share your experience and learn from colleagues. You’ll have an opportunity to reflect on your career journey to this point and see what you can learn. Then you’ll look at your priorities for the next stage in your career and identify what’s getting in the way of moving on. And finally you’ll set some short and longer term goals to focus your energy as you look to develop your career.

Discover the wide range of online learning, training and development opportunities available to support your career development: UoC: Career Development for Technicians (


        Friday 30th June and Wednesday 19th July. 9:30 -13:00. Greenwich House

It’s been said that management is ‘getting things done through people.’ That’s not always easy: to be an effective manager you need to be able to juggle the expectations of your service users with the needs of your staff and your own wellbeing. Added to that, there is no ‘one size fits all’ management style: you must know when and how to be flexible to enable people to perform at their best. These 2 interactive workshops will equip you to understand your role and responsibilities as a manager and to build key skills to be confident and effective in your role.



        Wednesday 12th July, 9:30 – 13:00. Greenwich House

Do you look at role profiles for technical managers and think ‘I could never do that?' If so, this interactive workshop will show you how to tackle that feeling of being stuck at your current level. You’ll identify the transferable skills you already have, as well as the key management skills you can start developing NOW. Then you will feel much more confident to apply for the roles you’re interested in and will be better equipped to hit the ground running once you start your new position.