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Technician Development


Technical staff have a tendency to be overlooked for a variety of reasons. Partly (as a gross generalisation) we tend to shy away from the limelight and as a result, this means we may not be recognised as much as we should. The University structure and often siloed nature of our teams also doesn't help. Circumstances are hopefully beginning to change and the Technician Commitment hopes to raise our profile and encourage applications for awards and officially recognise the work that we put in. 

To help with this, we can celebrate some recent successes! For example, did you know that the University has a Professional Service Recognition Scheme and that it is open to all staff? Technical staff can and should be nominated. Do you know someone putting in excellent work that deserves recognition? Nominate them.

Indeed, just to prove the point that technical staff can win, David Flowers, a mechanical/electrical engineer in training as an apprentice from the University Biomedical School was a winner in the 'Going Above and Beyond' category. His dedication to improving systems and working on specialist initiatives was highly commended by his peers and resulted in this achievement. Congratulations once again.

View the  Professional Service Recognition Scheme award ceremony.

The University also has a dedicated award ceremony for apprentices but more than these, there are national awards and schemes we should be looking at and applying for. Details will be given in future newsletters and across our networks as they come up.

The Hidden REF  is an occasional prestigious national award and it should be noted that Gregory Strachan, a Technical Manager from the Department of Physics was Highly Commended in the category of Hidden Role. Another fantastic achievement and proof we should be applying and nominating people.